Peugeot Boxer LWB, convertible bed, 2 seat, 2-berth in

The customer for this conversion wanted a layout that had a long bench seat at the front that could combine with the cab seats to provide interior seating for a small social gathering. The washroom and kitchen are towards the back of the vehicle and the storage area was designed for some specialist equipment that could be accessed independently from the interior or via the rear doors.

This vehicle has a bench in the middle and the washroom is located further towards the back of the vehicle.

The front seats swivel to face into the living area and along with the bench seat, allow social seating for up to six people. A large removable island table is positioned to use the bench seat for dining and an additional small table can be used for just the cab seats.

The bench seat pulls out in two stages to form either a full size single or a 4 ft double bed.  

Cooking facilities are provided by a twin burner gas hob and a gas oven / grill. The integrated washbowl has a glass cover that closes to form a flush finish with the worktop. This vehicle also contained a 3-way fridge.

The washroom is equipped with a toilet, shower and washbasin. A hot water outdoor shower has been fitted to the exterior for washing mucky boots and rinsing off equipment.

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