Transit Custom in

This remit for this conversion was to create a vehicle which could travel 5, sleep 2, have a load space for sheet materials and occasionally carry a bike on board. Two additional folding seats were added to fulfil the passenger requirements and since the van would only be used as a camper when a drive-away awning was attached, the simple cooker pod was made removable. A diesel cab heater was added as the vehicle would be used for occasional wild-camping nights.

The single bench seat is 6’ long and utilises the removable island table as a dining area. The additional seats can be folded down to create a little more space.

The bench base is pulled out on its extender legs to create a 6’ x 4’ double bed. For single occupancy, the seat back can be stowed elsewhere, leaving a single bed with room for a bike at the side. The racks on either side were designed to stow small bags and rolled-up material in preference to having cupboards for loose items.

The small pod has gas hob and storage beneath for a gas bottle and water carriers. The pod is secured to the floor when travelling and is designed to be placed inside the drive-away awning when the vehicle is being used for camping.

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