Vauxhall Vivaro Hi-top, 2 berth in

This conversion is on a LWB version of the Vivaro and was designed to give more practicality than a VW T5 without having a large base-vehicle. It is generally used on serviced campsites around the UK as it relies on electric heating, but can be used for wild-camping in the summer as it has a 3-way fridge that can run on gas.

The seating area converts to a double bed at night and there is a galley kitchen at the rear of the van that is still accessible when the bed is made. The height of the van means that an expensive elevating roof is not required, but also allows overhead lockers throughout to create more storage space. A porta-loo slides out from a discreet cupboard at the back of the van too.

The single bench seat is 6’ long and utilises the removable island table as a dining area. The cab seats swivel around in to the vehicle to make a socialising area for up to six people. A TV that extends out from over the sliding door is viewed from the bench seat.

The bench base is pulled out on its extender legs to create a 6’ x 4’ double bed. The kitchen area and sliding door entrance area are still accessible when the bed is made.

The galley kitchen has an integrated gas hob / sink and a 3-way fridge. Water and gas bottles are both on-board and easily accessible under the kitchen unit.

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